Climate Change Turns Drought Into Floods

South Africa is reeling after the country’s worst natural disaster in many decades. In a continent more often associated with drought than floods, one region suffered a horrific deluge resulting in much loss of life.

South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province is still reeling from the country’s worst floods in 60 years, which killed about 435 people last month. Mass funerals are taking place, although many families are still unable to bury their loved ones because their bodies were swept away by the raging torrents, as the BBC Pumza Fihlani reports.

435 souls perished last month when non-stop rain caused a massive natural disaster that still leaves many more unaccounted for. The force of the relentless deluge made search and rescue attempts futile in most districts. The cost in financial terms dwindles when compared with the human suffering unleashed upon many Africans.

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