Africa’s Covid Dilemma

Much is reported in the news regarding new strains of the Covid virus that affects the nations’ citizens. However, despite serious attempts to address the issue, there is a fundamental reason why such attempts fail to get off the ground.

The global organisations that buy Covid vaccines for poorer countries “need to step up” and order doses from Africa’s only Covid vaccine maker in order to save the production line, the company’s senior executive told the BBC.

Well, responsible players have stepped up their efforts, and even a South African medical manufacturer aimed to launch the country’s own vaccinations. That would save tremendous cost and even allow surplus vaccines to be exported. What went wrong? The answer is simple. Supply is there but less so the demand. The anti-vax campaigners succeeded in their consistent attempts to dissuade others to comply with health officials seeking to protect its citizens. Additionally, many local villagers, particularly in rural areas,  adopt suspicious attitudes towards any external interference in their lives. Accordingly, while the will remains to rectify health problems in Africa, the means to deliver cures are met by stubborn resistance in many areas where it counts.       

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