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UC Irvine Rabbi Daniel Levine On Campus Antisemitism After 10/7

Rabbi Daniel Levine and Melissa Stuart on BIPACT Radio

by Laura Kessler

California Correspondent Melissa Stuart and Orange County Hillel Rabbi Daniel Levine discuss the rise in antisemitism on California university campuses and UC Irvine’s decision not to renew his contract as a lecturer to teach the university’s “Jewish Texts” course.


Rabbi Daniel Levine is a distinguished spirtual leader and educator known for his deep commitment to fostering Jewish learning, community engagement, and promoting interfaith dialogue. He has been serving as the Rabbi for Hillel in Orange County for seven years while teaching courses at UC Irvine. 

He also runs a podcast where he discusses Israel, Judaism, and campus culture called “JLife with Daniel.”

Born and raised in a vibrant Jewish community, Rabbi Levine attended YPS rabbinical school in Israel. His passion for Jewish educaction led him to further his studies, earning a Master’s degree in Jewish History from UCLA. Throughout his career, Rabbi Levine has been recognized for his compassionate leadership, insightful teachings, and dedication to building inclusive communities.


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