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Monkeypox Is Not A Public Health Emergency Now, Monitoring Continues

The World Health Organization says that monkeypox is not yet a public health emergency. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution states its main objective… [...]

Two African Nations Are Newly Added As Members Of Commonwealth

Togo and Gabon officially become members of the Commonwealth of Nations Togo, officially the Togolese Republic is a country in West Africa. Gabon, officially the Gabonese Republic is a country on the west coast of Central Africa. The Commonwealth has… [...]

Japan Recorded Highest Temperature In June

Japan reports a record high temperature for the month of June of 40.2 °C (104.4 °F) in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture. Isesaki is a city located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, which… [...]

An Earthquake Struck In Iran, Local People Injured Badly

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes near Kish Island, Iran, killing one person and injuring 31 others. Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometre resort island in Bandar Lengeh County, Hormozgan Province, off the southern coast of Iran… [...]

Nightclub Attack In Oslo, Norway Suspects The Act As Islamist Terrorism

Two people are killed and 21 others are injured during mass shootings at three separate sites in central Oslo, Norway, including a gay nightclub. An Iranian-Norwegian man is arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, and terrorism. The motive is suspected to… [...]

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The Number That Will Make Or Break Your Day

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- Benjamin Weinthal
US allies condemn abortion ruling; Blinken and his UN ambassador join critics

Following the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion, senior U.S. officials have crossed the line into bashing the U.S. on the international stage, says one prominent foreign policy relations expert. [...]

- Caitlin McFall
Ukraine accuses Russia of bringing Belarus into war after missile launches from northern neighbor

Kyiv accused Russian of involving Minks in its deadly war Saturday after missiles were fired at Ukraine from Belorussian airspace. [...]

- Adam Shaw
Macron criticizes Supreme Court ruling despite France's strict abortion limits

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday took aim at the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs Wade despite France's own laws on the question of abortion. [...]

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This Crazy Life

A Parrot Named Moishe

Aaron came back from the pet store elated at his new purchase — a parrot. And this wasn’t just any parrot, this one could talk. Aaron stayed up all night teaching his new parrot, Moishe, Hebrew.

The next morning, while Aaron was putting on his tefillin, Moishe the parrot demanded to know what he was doing. When Aaron explained, the parrot wanted a pair too. Aaron went out and dutifully made a miniature set of tefillin for Moishe. The parrot wanted to learn how to daven and Aaron taught him every prayer. He wanted to learn more about Judaism so Aaron spent months teaching him Torah. In time, Aaron came to love and count on the parrot as a friend and a fellow Jew.

One morning, on Rosh Hashana, Aaron rose and got dressed and was about to leave when Moishe demanded to go with him. Aaron explained that shul was not place for a bird but the parrot insisted and was carried to shul on Aaron’s shoulder. Needless to say, they made quite a spectacle, and Aaron was questioned by everyone, including the Rabbi and Cantor. They refused to allow a bird into the building on the High Holy Days but Aaron convinced them to let him in this one time, swearing that parrot could daven.

Wagers were made with Aaron. Thousands of dollars were bet (even odds) that the parrot could not daven, could not speak Hebrew and knew nothing about Judaism. All eyes were on the African Grey during services. The parrot perched on Aaron’s shoulder as one prayer and song passed — Aaron heard not a peep from the bird. He began to get annoyed, slapping at his shoulder and mumbling under his breath, “Moishe! Daven!” Nothing. “Davendaven, so daven…come on, everybody’s looking at you!”

Nothing. After Rosh Hashana services were concluded, Aaron found that he owed his shul buddies and the Rabbi over $4,000. He marched home, extremely angry, saying nothing. Finally several blocks from the shul the bird began to sing “Avinu Malkeinu” at the top of his lungs.

Aaron stopped and looked at him. “You miserable bird, you cost me over $4,000. Why? After I made your tefillin and taught you how to daven and learned Torah with you. Why did you do this to me?”  “Don’t be silly,” Moishe replied. “Think of the odds on Yom Kippur.”

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Israel is experiencing a new round of constant deadly terror attacks, which comes amidst USA government attempts to curtail Israel growth plans in the Jewish Homeland to lure PA to peace talks. Speculation increases if this instead only leads to PA feeling emboldened to further instigate hostilities.