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Monkeypox Causing National Reactions

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announces that Germany has ordered 40,000 doses of the smallpox vaccine as a precaution, after the country reported its first case of monkeypox. Following the publication of the Jewish TV… [...]

More Civilian Bodies Found In Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities say that about 200 dead bodies were found in the rubble of an apartment building in Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast. [...]

US Move On Russian Debt Could Trigger Unforeseen Consequences

The United States Department of Treasury announces that it will not renew the sanctions exemption which permits Russia to service its sovereign debt to American investors. Allowing the exemption to expire increases… [...]

Senior Russian Official Resigns In War Protest

A senior Russian diplomat has resigned in protest against the invasion of Ukraine. Boris Bondarev has been a Russian diplomat who worked for the Russian permanent mission to the United… [...]

North Korean Covid Rate Revealed

The Korean Central News Agency reports that North Korea has a total of 3 million cases of COVID-19. [...]

UKRAINE WAR LATEST NEWS Ceasefire Unlikely As Ukraine Takes Offensive


China Monkeypox Research Revealed

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- Timothy Nerozzi
Retired Russian Gen. Botashev allegedly shot down in Ukraine: report

A retired Russian Air Force major general was reportedly shot down over Ukraine on Sunday. [...]

- Caitlin McFall
Russia slams long-time diplomat who quit over war in Ukraine: 'He is against us'

Moscow condemned comments made by a Russian diplomat to the United Nation in his resignation letter when he condemned President Vladimir Putin. [...]

- Julia Musto
Ukraine's Zelenskyy calls for help pressuring Russia on prisoner swap

Russia's war marked its third month on Tuesday, with no quick victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin. [...]

The Monkeypox is causing alarm through many countries as it spreads worldwide. While at this stage the effects appear to be mild, scientists are keeping a careful eye on its developments.    

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Israel is experiencing a new round of constant deadly terror attacks, which comes amidst USA government attempts to curtail Israel growth plans in the Jewish Homeland to lure PA to peace talks. Speculation increases if this instead only leads to PA feeling emboldened to further instigate hostilities.


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Is Biden's Foreign Policy Encouraging Terrorism

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