Thane Rosenbaum

To Live & Travel

For me, traveling is a way of living from the very childhood. My father was a pro stuntman and mother a writer. We moved from state to state every two or three month. Now I am a full-time travel blogger and digital artist working for a various digital agencies and travel journals across the US.

A website … well, I need to have a tool that is able to help me to update information quickly on the go. I want to be able to post photos from the temple of Katmandu or write an article on how I spent a night with bootleggers in Tennessee.

UI/UX Expert

Saving Free Speech 

Skokie, where the insanity over marching neo-Nazis began in the landmark Free Speech case from 1977, provides a backdrop for this educational video.

Travel Away

Thane Rosenbaum

Why We Need IHRA — Thane Rosenbaum helps us launch the #WeNeedIHRA campaign and explains the legal issues and civil rights considerations necessary to establish one universal definition of antisemitism.