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Expert Author Ronnie Goldberg

Jewish art is a mixture of vibrancy and history coated with supreme taste of creativity. Most, if not all, the art pieces are untainted depiction’s of the Jewish nation’s vivid culture and ways of life.

Way back years ago, Jewish art revolved around Jewish music and literature. Visual art was not wholeheartedly entertained for the Jewish and was considered as “graven images”. This was not until the 18th century when a sudden growth of Jewish visual artists flaunted their visual artworks and was surprisingly appreciated by their people.

Amedeo Modigliani is one of the pioneering graphical artists of the 18th century who came from a Jewish family. His works include Gypsy Woman with Baby, Reclining Nude, and Girl with Braids. Most of his subject’s heads are sophisticatedly curved with swan-like necks and sloping shoulders resulting into a delicate and gentle impression.

Nowadays, Jewish art is not only limited to literature, music, and paintings, but it now covers decorative designs like accessories, ornamental fixtures, and embellished utensils. It has now evolved from narrow and limited works to limitless art work possibilities.

Israeli and Jewish artists today are currently renowned for their vibrant splashes of color and symbolic representations. These artistic symbolism’s play an integral part of Jewish culture and history. Jewish artistry is a vivacious representation of Jewish world incorporating a variety of traditions which make it special and outstanding. In addition, Jewish arts comprise a lot of meaning which holds fascinating significance to its culture and emits positive influences and energies to its audience.

Jewish people contribute a lot to artist in drawing inspiration for their art works since they are the living faces of Jewish culture, whether it be past or present.

Contemporary Jewish art is a combination of bright, bold colors that are rampant in pop art with the timeless and sophisticated images of its culture and its people. It is an ingenious exemplification of traditional Jewish ways with modern touches of art themes. Jewish art today is an appeal for a refined sense of aesthetic beauty that kindles and defies your perception of Jewish art.

Despite living in the twenty first century, with all its disturbing interferences and tempting opportunities, it is clear that the rocks that embrace the Jewish people together can never be broken. In fact, it is these traditions and culture that push us forward and motivate us to strive toward making ourselves better and being the light unto others as we continue influencing them to grasp progress without forgetting their ancestries and cultural heritage.

Today’s Israeli art has become a surviving witness of how the world changed from one generation to another. It is a delineation of images that bring traditional art to life suitable for modern age. It constantly reminds people that change does not necessarily mean forgetting where you came from. Jewish art gives us the privilege to pay homage to the preceding legacies and look back at our history through paintings and other works of art. Jewish art today is and will always be captivating, bold, and expressive.

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