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Proving Ark’s Existence 3

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Monoatomic Gold

Theories abound suggesting that the covering of the Ark of the Covenant was made of monoatomic gold. We examine the reliability of this concept. The key Jewish source this theory can be compared with comes from the Talmud (B. B. 99a): ‘The available space in the Holy of Holies was not in the least diminished by the Ark and the cherubim—that is to say, that through the working of a miracle the Ark and the cherubim transcended the limitations of space.’ Trying to get any handle on this concept through mainstream science is seemingly allusive. Accordingly, the nearest explanations, beyond the realm of divinity, may be found in the disputed world of pseudo science.

Why is this relevant to our search

Simply stated, this substance is said to have next to unearthly components that could be associated with another dimension. If so, that could mean that the Ark is effectively masked from ground penetrating radar, and other state of the art technical tools that could help locate its whereabouts. In the following two articles, we look at both this atom’s composition, and reference to it being connected with the creation of the universe. It is imperative to mention that we should accept nothing on face value, and knowing which theories are out there should be countered with a sound and logical inquiries as to their validity. Conversely, in investigating something as mysterious as the Ark, we should also keep an open mind for unusual explanations that might also prove to have merit.

What is Monoatomic gold

This substance is supposed to mean a gold powder so fine that it consists of single atoms not joined by metal bonds to neighbouring gold atoms. Ingesting such a substance is claimed to bring about ‘all kinds of spiritual benefits. The theme was launched by David Hudson in the 1980’s in the US. David Hudson has now long been out of business but the idea lives on and other manufacturers market products called monoatomic gold, white powder of gold and other various names.

Does this contested theory warrant further investigation

It should be added that the dispute also lingers on as to its authenticity. Due to its alleged composition gaining a large following by those associating it with the Ark of the Covenant, it is fair to include this ingredient within our area of research. While there is always the risk of losing credibility due to investigating what is probably better termed a branch of pseudo science, bearing in mind that the legends associated with the Ark’s capabilities is far from mainstream academia, a balanced approach to such theories is essential. A great deal of scientific research works through a process of elimination, accordingly it would be unscientific not to include this theory within our research methodology, given all the circumstances.

Some contest that much in the field of molecular biology and genetics have been made about the possibility of bonding single atoms of gold with the DNA helix. Radio frequency EM fields can then cause these gold particles to vibrate, thus heating the DNA and influencing its chemistry. The gold particles offer a handle on the DNA molecule, as it were. This would lend some credence to the claims that monoatomic gold may indeed have some effect on DNA, at least in terms of making this increasingly sensitive to remote influences.

Is it harmful to body and soul

The Cassiopaean material describes use of this as the ultimate spiritual entrapment, akin to selling one’s soul. Claims from the promoters of monoatomic gold as a “technology of ascension” include all manner of strange psychic occurrences, including a person who started experiencing increasingly frequent, involuntary “spiritual orgasms”. This may not be literally false but should give rise to some questions.

Some infer with proclaimed probability that monoatomic gold indeed can deliver one even further in the hands of outside forces not of one’s choosing. They also put this together with the Cassiopaea channeled information stating that “light waves were used to cancel the 10 first factors of DNA” in the context of what’s known as ‘the mythical fall.’ Monoatomic gold may be a device to a similar effect.

A cosmic connection

Some have proposed that they (monatomic atoms) are manufactured naturally in the center of stars where high temperatures can disintegrate molecular bonds. Others think that they were made when the universe began — perhaps with the Big Bang. It has even been proposed that mono-atomic elements make up the elusive “dark matter”. In astrophysics and cosmology, dark matter is matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter.

The legend doesn’t end there. Proponents of this substance mention that as far in Greek mythology the quest for the secret of this substance was at the heart of the Golden Fleece legend, while in biblical terms it was the mystical realm of the Ark of the Covenant – the golden coffer which Moses brought out of Sinai, to be housed in the Temple of Jerusalem. The ancient Mesopotamians called the powder ‘shem-an-na’ (highward fire-stone) and the Egyptians described it as ‘mfkzt’, while the Alexandrians venerated it as the Paradise Stone.

Our research to date has clearly shown that the above ideas have been recycled through many publications, including one related to Masonic rituals. This adds impetus to the need to conduct more than a superficial investigation, whereby the mere acceptance of such theories suggests them to be reliable. However, it does go some way towards providing a more earthly explanation, or offering, to something that is far removed from any known scientific dimension.

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