Gas Pipeline Set To Fuel War Chaos

Ukraine has upped the ante in its war with Russia. The operator of Ukraine‘s natural gas system GTSOU announces that it will stop shipments of Russian gas through the Sokhranivka route on Wednesday.

The supply of Russian oil and gas has been the major incentive preventing an escalation from France and Germany in support of Ukraine. The current move to control the pipeline supplying these much needed reserves to Europe changes the dynamics of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  It remains to be seen how Russia might react to this move that can only further damage its economy, amidst other hard hitting sanctions. Conversely, NATO might become emboldened to accelerate any program linked to its supply of weapons and even personnel in support of the Ukraine war effort, especially if France and Germany, key members of NATO having nothing to lose regarding its own supply of needed Russian oil and gas supplies. This possibility has been increased as Europe has officially accused Russia as being responsible for Ukraine’s actions.  

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