Thane Rosenbaum WOWS With ‘What Others Won’t Say’

Firebrand Essayist, Novelist, and Law Professor Thane Rosenbaum launches a new editorial opinion show this month. ‘What Others Won’t Say’ launched April 1st to rave reviews.  The three minute segment is a bite, wink and smirk—and not a rant.  Three minutes to bring out one or two smiles and a little head spin. At least one head spin came from YouTube, who banned it within 24 hours, yet wisely at least partially reinstated it after numerous appeals. The irony of an OpEd about Jews being told to sit down and shut up being itself censored and shut down was not lost on JTVC fans.

Catch ‘What Others Won’t Say’ and learn more about Thane Rosenbaum at

Viewers may also catch Rosenbaum’s interview on Talking Point: Conversations with Laura Kessler in the February Edition of Total Vision, which provides an in depth legal analysis of the reasons to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism while overcoming its objections.

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