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Mahsa Amini Human Rights and Security Accountability Act (MAHSA Act)

Jessica Emami Interviews Hope Iranian on the Revolt of Masses of Generation Z Iranians in the Wake of Masha Amini’s Death

by Laura Kessler
Jessica Hope

This week’s guest on BIPACT News at JewishTVChannel.com is @HopeIranian, an Iranian American human rights activist who was moved into action by the September 2022 murder of 22 year old Mahsa Amini by the Iranian morality police. Since the suppressed revolt of masses of Generation Z Iranians in the wake of Amini’s death, Hope and her fellow activists have achieved a critical mass of thousands.

Their hope is for a free, secular, democratic Iran, where people of all faiths, identities, ethnicities, and beliefs can live in peace and harmony with one another and their neighboring countries. Hope and her Mahsa Army believe that peace in the Middle East is a prerequisite for peace throughout the world, and internal peace, derived from the freedom to live as one chooses, is a prerequisite for all else.

To that end, Hope and the Mahsa Army have been advocating in the halls of Congress, for the Mahsa Amini Human Rights and Security Accountability Act (MAHSA Act) (H.R.589/ S.2626), a bill to impose sanctions on the Supreme Leader and President of Iran and their affiliated offices for human rights abuses and terrorism.

For more information on the Mahsa Act, followers can visit https://www.congress.gov/ to read more about S.2626. Hope is on X.com and Instagram as @HopeIranian. The petition to ask Congress to act is available by scanning this QR code:


Learn more about Hope Iranian at the QR code above, and catch more of Jessica Emami on BIPACT News.  


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