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Jewish Trauma & Mental Health Series, Part 2: How Jewish Psychologists Are Working Within the APA to Fight Antisemitism

Dr. Beth Rom-Rymer and Laura Kessler discuss the Association of Jewish Psychologists Response to 10/7

by Laura Kessler
Beth Rom-Rymer

Jewish Trauma & Mental Health, Part 2:

How the Association of Jewish Psychologists is Working With the APA to Fight Antisemitism

In Part II of our Jewish Trauma & Mental Health series, Laura sits down with Dr. Beth Rom-Rymer, president of the Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP) to discuss antisemitism within the American Psychological Association (APA) and how AJP is working within APA to forge a stronger understanding of antisemitism and the needs of the Jewish community and its trauma victims.

Following the attacks of 10/7, the APA issued a disappointing statement which did not acknowledge the full reality of Jewish trauma. Members of the AJP wrote a strong rebuttal to the APA, and have subsequently strengthened the dialogue within APA in many positive ways.

This comprehensive discussion covers all bases from the past history of the APA during the Holocaust and eugenics, to the present manifestations of “new antisemitism” as Israel-phobia, with a hopeful outlook for the future and the contributions of AJP leaders within the APA.

Numerous resources are linked explaining how you can get involved with AJP, free support groups, webinars and much more.

The complete rebuttal from the AJP to the APA after 10/7 can also be found below.

Beth Rom-Rymer

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Dr. Beth Rom-Rymer has been a pioneer throughout her life. She was in the first class of women undergraduates at Princeton University (Class of ’73); created the first Victim-Witness Assistance Unit, Florida’s 2nd District State Attorney’s Office; and co-founded/became the first Board President of Refuge House, a shelter for domestic violence survivors, Tallahassee, Florida, 1977-1979.

Dr. Rom-Rymer helped to create the field of forensic geriatrics in 2000; taught at several Universities, in the Departments of Psychiatry, including The University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Dr. Rom-Rymer led the 2014 successful Illinois legislative Movement for Psychologists’ Prescriptive Authority; continues to implement Prescriptive Authority legislation in Illinois; consults with State Psychological Associations, nationwide, and with international psychologist leaders, on legislative advocacy campaigns.

Dr. Rom Rymer is President of the Illinois Association of Prescribing Psychologists (IAPP) and the newly-formed Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP). She has also had a long history of APA and SPTA governance, including President of Division 55 (Prescribing Psychology), Division 56 (Psychology of Trauma), and the Illinois Psychological Association. She has been President and Chair of the National Register for Health Psychologists; a member of the APA Board of Directors; and Chair of the APA Council Leadership Team.

Dr. Rom-Rymer has received numerous awards for her work, including: “Distinguished Illinois Psychologist”; from the Illinois Psychological Association (2012, 2014), “Outstanding Service to the Community”; from the Princeton University Club of Chicago (2013); “Outstanding Psychologist of the Year”; from the APA’s Division 31 (2014); APA Presidential Citation for Outstanding Leadership (2015); APA Karl Heiser award for Legislative Advocacy (2015); Alfred M. Wellner, Ph.D. Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Register of Health Service Psychologists (2016); Outstanding Psychologist Award from the Illinois Psychological Association (2016 and 2017); Social Impact Leaders Award from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2018); “Outstanding Leadership” Award from AMITA Health (Ascension) Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital CEO, Clayton Ciha (2019); Inspirational Leader Award from the South African Psychological Society (2021); and “Honored Valued Ally” from the Society of Indian Psychologists (2022).

Dr. Rom-Rymer is completing a book, to be published by APA Press, The Revolution in Healthcare: How Prescribing Psychologists are Changing the Healthcare Delivery System and is running for APA President-elect in 2024.




Explore free resources and access to AJP support groups and webinars:


Beth Rom-Rymer

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