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Jewish Trauma & Mental Health Series, Part 1: Macro-Gaslighting

Malka Shaw and Laura Kessler discuss the Macro-Gaslighting of Global Jewry After 10/7

by Laura Kessler
Malka Shaw lcsw

Jewish Trauma & Mental Health, Part 1:

The Macro-Gaslighting of Global Jewry After 10/7

As Jewish TV Channel launches Part I of our Jewish Trauma & Mental Health Series, Laura Kessler sits down with 9/11 veteran trauma expert and Kesher Shalom co-founder Malka Shaw, LCSW to discuss the ongoing global mental health crisis affecting the Jewish community in Israel and the diaspora.  

Kesher Shalom has trained thousands of professionals to manage the epic proportion of Jewish trauma since the Hamas massacre, and offers CEU credits to psychotherapists of all faiths who want to better understand the Jewish trauma experience, both historically and after 10/7 specifically.

DARVO, macro-gaslighting and collective scapegoating are discussed on a clinical and sociological level with a psychotherapist who is an expert among experts in the field of trauma, including Jewish trauma. Resources are provided with guided meditations for stress and worry.

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Malka Shaw is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Jersey, New York, and Florida.  She has been in the field of mental health for over 25 years.  As an expert on trauma, her private practice works with individuals and couples while specializing in women’s issues such as maternal wellness, anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, EMDR and support during life transitions.

Malka’s journey as a trauma therapist began working with NYANA’s domestic violence program, and then the front lines of 9/11, working with the Red Cross and FEMA during the ensuing weeks after the tragic event,  helping to clinically debrief the police, firefighters, and the essential workers.  She then went on to become an essential critical debriefer for many other large scale traumatic incidents. 

In response to the events of October 7th and the ongoing situation, Malka Shaw, LCSW and Stacey Shapiro, LCSW, co-founded the Kesher Shalom Project, which  seeks to foster healing, resilience, and understanding within the  diverse Jewish community and beyond through education around mental health, support, and advocacy.

Obtain a free copy of the 15 Easy Habits that Support Your Mental Health checklist, and free access to the audio guide: Guided Meditations for Stress and Worry.


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