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Free Hostages For Food & Water

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It is unacceptable to even contemplate any compassionate gesture for the people of Gaza. They freely elected their own government knowing full well its implications for their well-being, and now must bear the full weight of their actions. Now much of the world horrified with the Hamas slaughter, is being redirected towards the price it must pay for its actions. However, its allegiance to justice is also being blindly redirected towards the plight of the poor Palestinians living in Gaza.

There is a practicable solution, which doesn’t let the perpetrators of those inhuman crimes off the hook, but does allow for a modicum of help to the civilian population that in effect is also held hostage to Hamas, albeit through their own warped sense of righteousness. The proposal is to allow some basic food and medicine into Gaza in exchange for the ‘safe’ return of hostages. It could be based on a staggered routine to ensure that such freed hostages are in fact thoroughly checked upon safe arrival in Israel for any deadly substances implanted in them prior to release. Accordingly, this exchange could work through allowing one agreed unit of supplies for every hostage.

Such a proposal should surely silence the unjust calls by such malicious bodies as the United Nations about Israel not showing mercy for any innocent people in Gaza – after all, the innocent must foremost include hostages that did not elect the present Hamas government to power.

By adopting such a proposal how can any sane person disagree? There is no foundation to reward Hamas by releasing convicted terrorists for innocent hostages. It is a known fact that most released terrorists will go on to commit even worse atrocities, thereby burdening future generations of Israelis charged with safeguarding the nation’s security.

Hamas has been proven to be another face of ISIS, based on its philosophy, strategy, and above all its taste for inhuman terror tactics that far surpass anything even remotely resembling the usual ‘militant’ profile. As such they have proven to forfeit any degree of mercy from our Jewish nation. But agreeing to this proposal could provide some mercy to the people of Gaza, while also satisfying the immediate concerns of Israelis to have their captured people returned.

These words will probably be wasted as Israel’s ‘civilized’ and self-righteous enemies are usually more interested in the welfare of terrorists than the plight of the people under their own control. But who knows, maybe someone out there will at least see some merit in using the inevitable siege as a device to alleviate the plight of non-combatants?

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