1. Strike For Peace

    Strike For Peace

                                                                                 “Peaceful co-existence is achieved through peaceful co-existence…Terrorism is achieved through terrorism” Lt. Col...

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  2. Victims of Terror

    Victims of Terror

    An unlikely champion of terror victims exists in the form of an Israeli non-profit called Almagor. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are an association of actual terror victims themselves, seeking to overcome their obvious grief through taking meaningful action. Almagor has been instrumental in cutting down the...

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  3. True Inspiration

    True Inspiration

    “True Inspiration from WIZO” as Tova leads a major international Zionist organization. Tova Ben Dov, World President of Wizo, shared a fascinating past with us, in a recent interview with Olga Israel. Olga is past president of the European Union Jewish Students’ Association, and head of Current Affairs with Jewish TV...

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