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Episode 1 - Pilot

Tarzan was not a nickname given lightly to an Israeli Jew. An image burned in my mind of an Israeli secret agent wearing a general’s uniform, but of a foreign army, while still serving Mossad!

Episode 2 - A New Century With Old Problems

This episode covers the period between the dawn of the 20th century until the outbreak of World War 2. What were the forces that helped shape Palestine and Sudan, which would effect Tarzan?

Episode 3 - The Sudan Enigma & The Young Jewish Refugee

Tarzan meets his first Jewish refugee fleeing from Nazi Germany. This episode also focuses on how events in Sudan are taking shape, which will eventually include Tarzan’s own efforts.

Episode 4 - Palestine During WW2 & The Birth Of Mossad

While the world was going up in flames, particularly its Jews, life in Palestine was relatively calm and prosperous as 100,00 British troops contributed to its economy. But a new reality also demanded new measures.

Episode 5 - Aftermath

World War 2 might have been over for the global powers, but for Palestine’s Jews it only heralded in a new bitter struggle for survival. What would the future hold in store for young Tarzan?

Episode 6 - The Recruit Part 1.

It is clear that the British mandate is finished and Jews must fend for themselves against an overwhelming enemy. Tarzan is also transiting into a young man willing to do his part for his new country. .

Episode 7 - The Recruit Part 2

As the British prepared to leave Palestine, their naval grip on keeping Jewish refugees from entering her shores caused young Jews to deal with this problem that curtailed its nations’ population growth. .

Episode 8 - The Recruit Part 3

There is a drama in Tarzan’s household as his father works for the British Mandate. However, Tarzan is secretly training to working against both the British and hostile Arabs. .

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