All About Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is the medical problem that appears when your liver is inflamed. This may happen because of a virus, but there are some other factors that can cause hepatitis as well. Alcohol, certain medication and even trauma can cause hepatitis. Hepatitis is not a life threatening condition and can be treated. However, there are cases when a certain virus that causes hepatitis can cause an infection which can last a very long time, known as chronic hepatitis. This infection can even lead to liver failure and even death.

Viral hepatitis is the hepatitis cause by a virus. There are four types of this kind of hepatitis: hepatitis A, the hepatitis B, C hepatitis and of course delta hepatitis. The most frightening of all these types of hepatitis is the hepatitis C. It is cause by a virus specific to hepatitis C. This hepatitis virus affects a large number of people every year. This condition is usually looked at as mild, however this type of hepatitis can very easily lead to chronic liver problems, unlike the hepatitis B type. Everyone that gets infected with the hepatitis virus can be chronic carriers of this virus. However, many of them will not even have hepatitis symptoms. Out of all the people that carry this hepatitis C virus, about seventy percent will go on to develop a chronic liver problem. It does not matter if they have any hepatitis symptoms or not.

Hepatitis C is usually spread by contact to human blood that has been contaminated with the hepatitis C virus. There is an astonishing number of people that are infected with the hepatitis C virus because of injection of drugs. People who have transfusions of blood are also at risk of infection with the hepatitis C virus. However, the risk is lowered now, because of a test that requires that the blood used for transfusions must be tested for the hepatitis C virus. This type of hepatitis virus can also be transmitted sexually and also between house members. However, it is believed that the risk of developing hepatitis C in these cases is low. You can not get the hepatitis C virus from food, water or by shaking somebody’ s hand. There are symptoms that can tell you that you are suffering from hepatitis C, although a large number of hepatitis patients have no symptoms at all. fever, fatigue, dihareea, muscle aches are some of the hepatitis C symptoms.

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