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Netanyahu: ‘Hezbollah must understand that we will restore security’

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The Israeli prime minister delivered the message to the Iranian terror proxy during a visit to troops stationed on Mount Hermon.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a message to Hezbollah on Thursday during a visit to troops stationed near the Lebanese border, telling the Iranian terrorist proxy that it “must understand—we will restore security.”

Surrounded by the snow-covered terrain of Mount Hermon, Netanyahu sat down with commanders from the 210th Division and the IDF Alpinist Unit.

They briefed him on the activities on the northern front, where Hezbollah has been conducting daily cross-border attacks since joining Hamas in the war that started on Oct. 7. Israel has been pounding Hezbollah targets from the air inside Lebanon and with artillery at the border.

“In the north, we have a simple goal: To return the residents [to their homes near the border with Lebanon]. In order to that, we must restore security—and this will be achieved. We will not relent here. We will achieve this in one of two ways: Militarily—if necessary; diplomatically—if possible,” Netanyahu said, according to a government statement.

In addition to the Alpinist Unit, troops from the 188th Brigade are currently deployed to Mount Hermon after departing the Gazan theater one week ago.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Mount Hermon, near the Lebanese and Syrian borders, with commandoes from the IDF Alpinist Unit, Feb. 22, 2024. Credit: Prime Minister’s Spokesperson.

Netanyahu also commented on the terrorist attack that killed one and wounded several others earlier in the day near Ma’ale Adumim in Judea.

“In effect, we are in one battle from Gaza and Rafah to Mount Hermon, and in between we are also fighting terrorism around the country, as happened today. First of all, I would like to send condolences to the family of the man who was murdered, and—of course—my best wishes for a recovery to the wounded,” he said.

“In the south, we have one simple goal: Total victory. We are on the way to eliminating Hamas and releasing our hostages. We will not relent until we achieve total victory,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with officers and troops on Mount Hermon, Feb. 22, 2024. Video by Omer Miron/GPO.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu vowed to not cave in to international demands for a ceasefire in the war against Hamas.

“There is considerable pressure on Israel at home and abroad to stop the war before we achieve all of its goals, including a deal at any price to free the hostages,” said Netanyahu during a visit to the IDF Sky Rider Unit at the Zikim Base along the border with the Gaza Strip.

“We very much want to achieve another release and we are prepared to go far but we are not prepared to pay any price, certainly not the delusional prices that Hamas is demanding of us, the meaning of which is the defeat of the State of Israel,” he added.

Netanyahu reiterated his commitment to continue prosecuting the war until Israel achieves all its goals: Eliminating Hamas in Gaza, freeing all of the hostages and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel.

“There is no pressure, none, that can change this [determination],” said the premier.

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