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Masha Merkulova is the Founder and Executive Director of Club Z.  Masha founded Club Z to provide teens with a platform to connect to Israel, Jewish history, Zionism, and one another. Born in the Former Soviet Union, Masha did not know that she was Jewish. As she grew up, she began to question her identity and embrace Zionism, realizing that it is a movement of justice that corrects many wrongs throughout history. Before founding Club Z in 2011, Masha spent more than a decade as a Jewish community activist in the San Francisco Bay Area, spearheading efforts to address antisemitism on campus and to advocate for Israel. During these years, Masha witnessed the need for teens to have a platform to connect to Israel and Zionism, which propelled the founding of Club Z. Masha is a commentator in print media, with op-eds published on FOX News, in the Jewish News Syndicate, and more. Her writing focuses on antisemitism, bigotry, and the delegitimization of Israel.



Award-winning international activist Masha Merkulova founded Club Z to reclaim Jewish identity and Zionism in the next generation of Jewish Americans. Hear her expert insights from the former Soviet Union to San Francisco, and everywhere in between, and learn how YOU can start a Club Z chapter in your city and support their mission.