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David L. Bernstein on Talking Point

by Laura Kessler
David Bernstein

David L. Bernstein

A passionate advocate of the free expression of ideas and Israel, David Bernstein is the founder of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV), which opposes illiberal ideologies and supports liberal values in and out of the Jewish community, and author of Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews. He is also a co-founder of the Institute for Liberal Values, a consortium of like-minded organizations supporting liberal principles. He is past President and CEO of Jewish Council for Public Affairs and former executive director of the David Project. He spent 13 years at the American Jewish Committee in senior roles. David is a prolific speaker, podcaster and writer, having written hundreds of opinion pieces in the Jewish and general press.


Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV)


Listen to David L. Bernstein on Talking Point:

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED – BEING IN THE COURAGE BUSINESS — David L. Bernstein is a courageous and talented leader who has served the Jewish community at virtually every organizational level.  From American Jewish Committee to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the David Project, and Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, David is a serial innovator in the fight against antisemitism who has achieved success at all levels of Jewish advocacy, including the road less traveled.  In his first Talking Point appearance, Laura Kessler interviews David about the need to approach antisemitism not by being product-oriented, but by being people-oriented and focusing on helping others find their voice with courage and confidence.


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