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Antisemitic incident report: Sept. 2-8

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From multiple neo-Nazi groups marching in Florida to Paris revoking an honorary medal from Mahmoud Abbas as a result of Holocaust denial.

David Swindle


JNS publishes a weekly listing of antisemitic incidents recorded and found by Jewish, pro-Jewish and pro-Israel organizations; national and international news; and social media. By the Anti-Defamation League’s count, an average of seven instances of varying measure occur daily in the United States. (Dates refer to when the news was reported, not when the events took place.)

Sept. 2

A neo-Nazi group that protested outside Disney World in Orlando, Fla., displayed banners with Stars of David. The BBC exhibited a “terrible lapse in judgment” by working with the BDS-supporting Ken Loach, who has defended former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, per the Campaign Against Antisemitism. “See the controversial production that you’ve heard about on CNNFOXNewsSpectrum 1Telemundo and The Los Angeles Times,” says Colony Theatre in Los Angeles of a “LatinX” adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. The general manager of a Los Angeles restaurant suspects vandals drew a swastika due to the eatery’s support of LGBT people.

Sept. 3

“Jews don’t want to replace you. Why would we want to be 30-something, unemployed leeches living at home with our parents?” Randy Fine, a Republican Florida state representative, wrote, mocking several distinct—yet allied in this instance—groups of neo-Nazis who marched in Orlando. Antisemitic leaflets were also found in the area. A bomb squad found no explosives following a threat against the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum on Saturday afternoon.

Sept. 4

Antisemitic fliers were found in West Melbourne, Fla., and in Whitefish Bay, Wisc., and a vandal spray-painted a swastika and racial slurs on a Black Lives Matter sign in Oppenheim, N.Y. The government of the United Kingdom pledged to end funding for mosques that host hateful preachers. Also in the U.K., neo-Nazi Ashley Podsiad-Sharp received an eight-year sentence for possessing a terrorism manual (see Sept. 1).

Sept. 5

A wave of hateful messages arrived on X in response to a post from Sacha Roytman, CEO of Combat Antisemitism Movement. “Can a billboard end antisemitism? No. But you’re not a billboard,” read a sign from the group Jewbelong in San Diego and St. Louis. Officers in Montgomery, Ala., arrested a man they suspect of spray-painting swastikas and racist slurs in a majority-black neighborhood (see Aug. 26). Toronto police arrested a woman for allegedly spray-painting swastikas on neighbors’ doors. A California school district is investigating students photographed performing Nazi salutes with Hitler mustaches. A spokeswoman for Vivek Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign told The Washington Free Beacon that the candidate didn’t know about Albert Faleski’s anti-Israel and antisemitic comments before appearing on the latter’s podcast.

Sept. 6

The ADL pushed back on MSNBC against X (Twitter) owner Elon Musk’s lawsuit threat. Antisemitic fliers were found in more Florida neighborhoods. Prominent Islamist figures glorified the memory of the antisemitic conspiracy theorist Sayyid Qutb, executed by Egypt executed in 1966. Police found Nazi pins and a swastika flag, as well as drugs and weapons, after stopping a car for a broken tail light in Stephens County, Ga. “Israel Did 9-11,” read a sign an older man held across from a school in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (His other sign: “Jews have a history of false flag terror attacks while posing as Arabs,” according to the watchdog group.)

Sept. 7

A banner that appeared on a bridge in Toronto, Canada, referred to “a hook-nosed Jew.” In San Diego, StopAntisemitism is working with the city council to enact an ordinance banning the distribution of antisemitic fliers. Manhattan Borough president Mark Levine urged New York City to avoid X, due to the social-media platform’s antisemitism issues.

Sept. 8

“The remarks you made are contrary to our universal values and to the historical truth of the Shoah,’’ Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wrote to Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas, revoking an honorary medal the city had given him. A neo-Nazi going by “Boneface” for his facial tattoo, who marched in Orlando earlier in the week, was exposed as a liar and career criminal. Among the things he made up: “He allegedly traveled to Ukraine and fought with the Azov Battalion, an infamous battalion with Ukraine’s National Guard that has deep neo-Nazi ties,” Vice reported. “It turns out the photos he was sharing of proof he had traveled and fought in Ukraine were just poor photoshops.” Police in Worcestershire, England, visited an auction house following complaints that it displayed a Nazi flag, ahead of its upcoming sale, in a store window. Antisemitic fliers were distributed and graffiti was found in Fulsom, Calif.

Image: An older man holds a sign that reads: “Israel Did 9-11” across from a school in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on Sept. 6, 2023 Source: StopAntisemitism/X.

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