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Naomi Friedman completed her undergraduate work in chemistry and middle eastern studies at Williams College and her graduate work in political science at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has taught at Hebrew University, South College, and the University of North Carolina Asheville, NC and has worked in the higher education publishing industry as an editor, author, and developer. Naomi worked as a foreign affairs opinion editor for the Hill before founding Stop BDS on Campus, a social-media based grassroots organization that fights antisemitism in college and now K12 campuses in 2015. In 2021, she also joined #EndJewHatred to help organize in-person civil rights initiatives.

Israeli American grassroots veteran Naomi Friedman explains the subtle evolution of antisemitism on college campuses during the last 50 years, and advises parents and students how to evaluate Jewish life at prospective universities, and where to seek help if their student is experiencing antisemitism.

Jewnited, a Jewnique Podcast to Fight Jew Hatred

Like Car Talk, but without cars–and with Jews, Jewnited brings together leaders and laypeople out of the trenches of the grassroots war on antisemitism to laugh, cry, and talk about recent incidents and innovative solutions. Through a jewnique combination of trivia, tales, and troubles, our purpose is to empower listeners while secretly having a lot of fun!

– Hosted by Naomi “Nomi” Friedman & Friends

Falling through the cracks? Getting nowhere with indifferent administrators?

If you or your child are the victim of antisemitism and have gotten nowhere with traditional channels,

Stop BDS on Campus may be able to help mediate.

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