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Hamas staged a food riot to blame Israel and retain control of aid

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The question that no one is asking is why Hamas was so bent on maintaining control over aid deliveries?

Daniel Greenfield


Here’s the roadmap for what just happened in Gaza with the aid deliveries.

Israel wanted to take out Hamas terrorists who claimed to be escorting aid. Biden barred Israel from doing that unless Israel handled the aid distribution itself.

“Biden administration officials raised their concerns with their Israeli counterparts and asked that Israel stop targeting the Hamas civilian police as long as there is no alternative that could provide security to the aid trucks, Israeli and U.S. officials said,” Axios reported.

The Israel Defense Forces tried to distribute the aid, and Hamas staged an attack on one food delivery and a riot at another in order to be able to maintain control over aid. The two incidents are unlikely to be a coincidence. Which means they were the work of Hamas.

Now Israel is once again under fire, accused of a massacre, and Hamas is in a position to retain control over aid.

The media is carefully not providing any of the relevant context such as why Israel was there distributing aid.

And the question that no one is asking is why Hamas is so bent on maintaining control over aid deliveries?

The answer is that Hamas, like most Islamic terror groups, wants two things from humanitarian aid.

1. It uses the aid as currency, to reward supporters and then to resell for profit.

2. It uses the denial of aid to create a humanitarian crisis that it blames on Israel.

It’s hard to say which of these is more valuable, but in the latest incident, we see both prongs at the same time.

Hamas needs to retain control over aid because it can use the supplies to buy loyalty and reward its terrorists, and because denying aid to civilians puts political pressure on Israel to stop attacking Hamas.

Image: Screenshot of aerial footage provided by the IDF of Gazans rushing aid trucks on Feb. 29, 2024. Source: X.

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