CREATING HARMONY Community Project

Jewish TV Channel is a multi-faceted company. The two main components of the enterprise consists of an Internet broadcasting platform offering multi-media channels, and Jewish oriented products to be broadcast on this platform. Jewish Community TV is its flagship and your media outlet to the Jewish Diaspora, Israel, and the rest of the world. Your community is invited to participate in a project of momentous importance for world Jewry.

Jewish Identity Challenged – Todays’ question of Jewish identity and survival, involves internal as well as external challenges. It is essential to respect that Jewish identity has vastly different interpretations.

CREATING HARMONY is a community based project focuses on common factors that make anyone’s identity with Judaism a shared belief, even for non-Jews. A unified approach to growing threats against any form of Jewish identity and even our very existence, is a serious challenge to us all, and must be urgently countered.



The Community Project – The great movie mogul Stephen Spielberg produced an outstanding record of our past, by documenting the story of individual Holocaust survivors. The Community Project also restores pride in our Jewish heritage by documenting our past, present and also our future aspirations. In doing so, it puts your community firmly on the map, providing a point of reference for attracting new members, for welcoming visitors to your community with relevant information, and much more besides.

STEP 1. Produce three simple short videos – This step can be done through IPhone, a simple digital camera, etc. Your local community is guaranteed to have someone able to press the start button, it’s as easy as that! We will guide you through this very easy process, the important thing is to involve your community, and have fun doing it.


STEP 2. Upload your videos to us – JTVC Contribution – At no cost to you, our project takes on a professional air as your content is carefully selected before being edited in our high-tech suite. It will then be included in a dedicated TV show with access to a large international market.


STEP 3. We edit your content


STEP 4. Your Video Presented In JTVC Show

tv host

STEP 4. Your community is promoted on our web site


Interactive Community Events – The later stage of this exciting project will include interactive events between different eligible communities. There is an attractive range of documentaries, programs and game shows being currently developed, which has already generated interest from network syndications.

Share the Vision

Jews Together Creating Harmony

Jews Together – This project is designed to instill pride in having a Jewish identity and a creative channel for connecting Jews Together.
Creating – Our target audience are connectors, and as such, can be most versatile and creative. JTVC encourages the production of creative content.
Harmony –Jews can be funny, inventive, etc., in benefiting our world. JTVC offers a Jewish co-operative approach by providing creative content.

 There is only one way to build an interactive world Jewish community, based on harmony, and that is by doing it together


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