Wildfire Affects Europe Horribly

In Portugal, a waterbombing plane crashes in Vila Nova de Foz Côa while fighting wildfires in the region, killing the pilot, and in Spain, around 2,300 people are evacuated from the Costa del Sol due to wildfires in the Mijas hills.

A heat wave affecting much of Western Europe and the United Kingdom began in mid-July 2022, setting all-time high temperatures across the region. The soaring temperatures caused a string of wildfires to break out across Europe, and the high temperatures caused hundreds of deaths across Spain and Portugal. The United Kingdom issued its first ever “red” level temperature warning, and several towns were evacuated in Portugal and France.

Thousands of firefighters are battling wildfires in Portugal, Spain and France, as a heatwave shows no sign of easing. In northern Portugal, a pilot died when his waterbombing plane crashed in the Foz Coa area, near the Spanish border. The Portuguese authorities say at least 238 people have died from the heat over the past week. Fires are ravaging areas of France’s south-western Gironde region, where over 12,000 people have been evacuated. Now a days, heatwaves have become more frequent, more intense, and last longer because of human-induced climate change.

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