WHO Panics The World

The World Health Organization has declared all artificial sweeteners to be dangerous substances contributing, rather than preventing diabetes. The impact of this announcement has the potential to destabilize the global food market. Artificial sweeteners form the core ingredient of countless processed food and drink products ranging from famous brands such as Zero Coke through to cakes, chocolates, ice cream, etc., that even carry the official stamp of being suitable for diabetics to consume.
The inclusion of Stevia within the WHO warning has puzzled many dietitians and food analysts. This plant based substance apparently falls short of being labeled among other artificial sweeteners leading some to speculate what is behind its inclusion. The possibility that some sweeteners are being included within a wider range of blacklisted categories might suggest an attempt to appease more recognized brands of artificial sweetener manufacturers who’s businesses are now deemed as being at serious financial risk of collapse.
Another aspect of major concern are the millions of diabetics worldwide who depend on artificial sweeteners to alleviate their craving for sweet ingredients in their diet. The sudden timing of the WHO’s declaration and the seemingly lack of foresight not to have taken into account the human and financial fall-out from their declaration leads some to speculate its motives for failing to have any counter proposal that could alleviate the concerns of millions of diabetics worldwide.

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