January Edition

Issue #001

Total Vision

Tele, originates from the Greek language meaning far off or distant. Totalis is a Medieval Latin word that describes the ‘whole entire’ and gives us the modern word of Total. We hope you see what Vision means? Jewish TV Channel prefers to ‘share the vision’ of bringing Jewish communities closer together. So now you know what the TV stands for in JTVC. Total Vision is a monthly magazine for Jewish communities, which we hope you will enjoy!




Total Vision

Jewish TV Channel introduces its latest section especially for your enjoyment. Total Vision is a monthly digital magazine that promises to deliver more in keeping with the JTVC aim to update our content quality and delivery potential. This first issue of Total Vision explores something very close to both the Jewish experience and how it shapes our world outlook. Waves of Despair in Rays of Hope will be our theme over the coming months. What does that mean exactly? Waves of Despair shares the obvious pain felt as Jews worldwide face the growing threat of Anti-Semitism, yet again. Rays of Hope presents the coming 75th Anniversary of the Children of Israel, that’s all of us, through the establishment of the state of Israel.

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope

A child hides in a game of hide and seek, time passes and she’s still waiting, alone. Her friends have grown up and have sought other pursuits, while she still patiently waits.

Israel is celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee in 2023. How many remember a time, not so long ago, when Israel was the focal point of Jewish communities worldwide? The big brother was both all powerful, and something to be looked up to with pride and love. Alas, it seems that the majority of the Jewish Diaspora has moved on, engaged in its own world, where even the remote understanding of being in an entity called the Jewish Diaspora is forgotten.

After all is said and done, what is the Jewish Diaspora anyway? The Cambridge Dictionary defines the term ‘Diaspora’ as a group of people who spread from one original country to other countries, or the act of spreading in this way. Accordingly, in our context this is only a dispersal from the Jewish Homeland in Israel to foreign lands. Once that connection is broke, well, people get lost as far as where they think they belong, even if it is a Diaspora.

Regardless, the birthday child is patiently waiting – 75 years to be precise – and that’s just since the modern rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel!


Rays of Hope!       

The Jewish Diaspora and Israel are one, known as the Children of Israel.

Waves of Despair




Hear conversations with Laura Kessler

The Holocaust & America

The Jewish Diaspora, as a whole entity, is in turmoil. Anti-Semitism is not only on the rise but regarded as the norm in the most enlightened of societies. The loss of vast swathes of the Jewish landscape away from its ancestral heritage is beyond mere commentary. Parents have grieved over their children’s abandonment of Judaism for several decades, as assimilation only worsens. What of the plight of those who stubbornly resist temptation and pursue the path followed by their elders? Campuses have become breeding grounds for bullying, abuse, mindless violence against those identifiable as members of the Jewish race. The work place has placed obstacles on those wishing to observe Shabbat, Jewish holidays and other essential rights of Judaism. City streets, subways, etc. have increasingly witnessed acts of wretchedness towards our brothers and sisters.

How is Anti-Semitism justified in today’s society of the righteous?

Despite the fact that Jews are also known as the Children of Israel, with an unassailable connection with Israel, it is that very association that is being used as a means of justifying attacks against the Jewish people. In the penultimate act of this unfolding drama, Jews are turning against Israel itself, believing that will cure their problems.


Despair is rampant!


Aim for a better future by knowing what type of burdensome past needs to be changed.

Talking Point

Laura Kessler

Jewish TV Channel Director of Diaspora Affairs and JTVC Radio Host Laura Kessler is the founder of Bipartisan Action Against Antisemitism, as well as the Creative Leadership Institute. She is an outspoken advocate for Jewish welfare, combatting antisemitism and Israel phobia, while promoting Jewish diaspora pride. With an impressive background in the PR and entertainment industry – Conversations with Laura Kessler delivers an entertaining show, covering controversial topics from a unique perspective.

Laura’s Talking Point explores a diverse array of topics that engage our daily lives. Her guests include prominent activists, academics, historians, politicians, among others that dominate headlines within the international Jewish world today.  

Getting The Total Vision

Dr. Jessica Emami

Social Media Victimization and Cyberbullying — Sociologist Jessica Emami discusses her new book, Iranian feminism, and how online hate and cyber bullying affects the Jewish community.

Dr. Jarrod Tanny

Will the Real Jewish Studies Scholars Please Stand Up? — Jarrod Tanny gives his most comprehensive interview yet on the state of anti-Zionism in academia and how Jewish Studies Zionist Network is fighting back.

Dr. Naya Lekht

The Miseducation of American Jewry in K-12 Education — Antisemitism Curriculum Expert Naya Lekht discusses how to help our kids reclaim their Jewish identity and fight antisemitism in a hostile world.


David Lev Bannister

Our Jewish TV Channel Director is dedicated towards utilizing his diverse experience to serve Jewish communities worldwide. His background includes working with renowned stars in the music industry, managing a media enterprise, military intelligence, archeological excavations, explorations, among other pursuits. David is a firm believer in adopting a balanced approach towards the JTVC audience whether religious or secular; Muslim, Christian or Jew; or those living in disputed settlements, the United Arab Emirates, or even in frozen Alaska! In his choice of videos below, David shares his passion for maintaining a fair-minded, tolerant peace deterrent – such as that occasionally found in the Israel Defense Forces. Check out the Guardians of Jerusalem video, from where David rose through the ranks.

Muslim’s For Israel

David is an advocate for improving Jewish and Muslim relations. This insightful movie shows the devotion felt by some courageous Muslims when supporting Israel.

Israeli Myth Exposed

Israel is frequently accused of being an apartheid nation, but how true is this in realty? This video gives a rare glimpse into the multi-racial make up of Israel.

Exemplary Israeli Defense 

David served as a volunteer officer with the border guards and busts the stereo type myth by sharing the type of professionalism that wins the day.

Dr. Jarrod Tanny – JSZN Founder

Fighting The Good Fight

Dr. Jarrod Tanny

The Jewish Bond With Israel In Danger

Forces are at work to separate the Jewish connection with its Biblical homeland by suggesting that antisemitism excludes any hostility against the Jewish state of Israel. This is despite the hard evidence that hardline antisemites do not differentiate between Jews and Israel. Over 100 Jewish Studies professors and educators called on the UN to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition of Antisemitism (IHRA WDA). The initiative is spearheaded by the Jewish Studies Zionist Network (JSZN), founded by Dr. Jarrod Tanny.It is the first time ever that Jewish Studies scholars have organized in support of the IHRA WDA.

This move opposes Anti-Zionist professors in Jewish Studies urging the UN to legitimize hostile behavior against the Jewish Homeland. Jarrod Tanny said, “Contrary to what the IHRA WDA’s opponents think, this document is not some sort of legal code intended as a weapon to silence critics of Israel. It is a working definition, a tool to offer guidance to those who need to grapple with antisemitism but are unfamiliar with the issues at hand. Our critics maintain that the JDA is a far superior definition of antisemitism, but upon careful examination it is obvious that it is intended as a get out of jail free card for the demonization of Israel.”



Hero's Trail

Jewish TV Channel adopts a broad definition of what constitutes a hero, in relation to serving the Jewish people and Israel. As this series evolves don’t be surprised to recognize a family member, a close friend, or just someone you’ve heard about in your local community, who’s profile is shared on our platform. Heroes can be about people leading ordinary lives faced with challenging situations. It is often about someone who serves a community with absolute devotion and dedication that we sometimes err in taking him or her for granted. And, it is also about those who have faced a dangerous predicament, while serving our best interests.

Trail of a Mossad Agent
An Original JTVC Production

My Father An Aliyah Bet Commander
An Original JTVC Production


Jews take their lifestyle seriously, whether consciously or not

One only has to invoke the magic words ‘L’Chaim (To Life) to get an instant response that would dispel any doubt on the matter. Lifestyle is evident in the very make up of the Jewish psyche, think about the impact of following tradition and voila, there you have it! But there is something much deeper about the Jewish perception of Lifestyle. Pious Jews thank their blessing every day and help those worst off whenever possible. One’s fortune, good or bad, is regarded as a heavenly ordained allocation, maybe to test how we make choices according to our circumstances? It is not the Jewish way to be jealous of those better endowed with comforts or to dismiss the sufferings of those less well off.

Lifestyle is a matter of perception when getting the Total Vision in focus. 


California Nightmare With Open Eyes

California Dreaming?


California Dreaming With Jacob Pasmore

Coming Lifestyle sections will include the below topics, plus a whole lot more. Whoops, did we forget recipes, Jewish humor – which is not always entertaining when you miss a beat? Enjoy the journey and don’t forget that this is a Jewish community effort so just get in touch and share your content with us.

Lifestyle Sections Coming Soon On Jewish TV Channel

Serving Jewish Communities Worldwide


This section will compliment the main Judaism Channel with an interesting side look into the Jewish religion. There’s always something new to learn.


Where would we be without Booba and Zeida? However, you can be sure that their own lifestyle is not as old fashioned as you’d think it is!


Seriously, what is there to say about pets that they can’t better express themselves? Well anyway, we will do our best to give justice to this content.


Health and well-being affects as all. JTVC Health also explores the mystical Jewish concept that the  spiritual essence often heals the physical one.


Did you know the Jewish Bible mentions the need for a natural environment within our urban jungle? Get the best of the luxurious and natural world.


The JTVC Business Channel will give you plenty of business insight, but what of the lighter side of our financial world? Find out more here.


The Jewish contribution to the world of entertainment continues to dominate our headlines. See why this is so on the JTVC Entertainment section.


How many of you are still recovering from the amazing soccer world cup results, with Messi taking the trophy? We’ll be featuring a vast array of sports!


There’s a Yiddish term called the ‘shmutter trade’ that refers to a wide range of garments produced for our fashion industry. Don’t miss this exciting section!

Rudolph Marks wrote several plays in Yiddish and was described as a “well known and clever comedian”.

Marks arrived in New York aged 19, having spent four years in England after leaving Russia. In New York, he appeared with the Thalia Theatre and the United Hebrew Opera Company. By 1893, he was described as a “well known and clever comedian”,and was one of two contenders for the title of “most popular young actor” in a contest run by a New York newspaper. He wrote several plays in Yiddish, including The Bowery Tramp, “the great comedy success” Chaim in America, and The Shop Girl. By 1893, Marks had begun studying law at University of the city of New York, and was admitted to the bar in 1898. For some years, reports of court cases he appeared in described him as “better known as a writer of Yiddish plays and as an actor of Shakespearean parts in the Bowery theaters than as a lawyer”. He died in Manhattan on 6 May 1930

Rudolph Marks

Famous Jews

Famous Jews

Jewish Evolution of the Theatre

In our contemporary society it is easy to imagine that we created a diverse and colorful sub-culture by ourselves. Total Vision will not only destroy this myth, but also introduce you to the amazing world of Jewish entertainers that literally rocked the foundation of their civilized environment. We are talking about the vaudeville beauty that rode apparently in the nude in front of a large family audience. Then there’s the talented female actress that openly had bisexual relations, with her husbands’ knowledge. Have you heard of the Sewing Circle? I guess not, but this same star founded a luxurious refuge for other lesbians. Surely, this must be in our own time period? Not even close!

Take a front seat as JTVC presents some of the earliest known stars of the theatre, dating from the end of the nineteenth century, that’s well over a hundred years ago.

Alaskan Jewish Community

The history of the Jews in Alaska began before the Alaska Purchase in 1867. Jews from Imperial Russia lived there periodically as fur traders, and a Jewish community has existed since the 1880s. The Klondike and Nome gold rushes attracted Jews to Alaska to seek their fortunes as miners and businessmen and resulted in the first organized Jewish communities. In the Nazi period, Jewish refugee resettlement in Alaska was seriously considered by the government, but after facing backlash, never came to be. Alaskan Jews played a significant role in business and politics before and after statehood, and have included mayors, judges, senators and governors. Today, there are Jews living in every urban area of the state.

Original Jewish TV Channel Production