Tokyo Baked Under The Scorching June Sun

Tokyo reports the hottest day since 1875 as the heatwave continues. Several people are hospitalized due to heatstroke.

Japan is facing the scorching temperatures for a fourth successive day, as the capital city Tokyo’s heat broke nearly 150-year-old records for June. Tokyo authorities gave warning that power supply remained tight enough to raise the possibility of power cuts. Temperatures in the capital hit 35.1 degree Celsius by 1pm local time, after three successive days of temperatures topping 35 degree Celsius. The heatwave is not about to break as the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast highs of 36C for Tokyo on Thursday and 35C on Friday. Cases of hospitalization from heatstroke rose early in the day. According to Fuji News Network, around 9am local time, thirteen people had been taken to hospital with suspected heatstroke, at least two people are believed to have died from heatstroke.

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