The Face Of The Enemy

Take a close look at these two young boys who’s lives were killed by a Palestinian terrorist. While sadly misguided Jewish pro-Palestinians find justification for such act of pure terrorism, others aren’t afraid to share the truth about who the real villains are in this horrific campaign to demonize and slaughter Israel’s Jews. These young brothers were smashed to death Friday 10th February by a Palestinian driver, while on their way home before the Shabbat. Palestinians are handing out candy to celebrate this heroic act, while some anti-Israel jews join in the chorus of blaming Israel for these deaths, and even encourage the Palestinians in their just cause? .

We urge each one of you to take a careful look at these victims and ask yourself how long one can use the excuse that innocent lives are being taken on both sides. They are not. Israel’s security forces are heroes who protect the Jewish people from such heartless monsters. They would never even consider shedding innocent lives. It’s time for a change in the Jewish world. A time for Jews to stand with the only homeland they’ve ever had and to be one with it. Time to shed the callous skin of being a product of a media campaign that tells you to distance yourself from seeing Jews as being an integral part of Israel. Time to check your real heritage and realize that being part of the Jewish Diaspora is well and good, but the journey there was through slavery, just like the injustice of those forced out of their African homes. It is time to stand up and act FAST. Look at these innocent lambs and recall that never again should mean something. G-d bless our Jewish people, including Israeli soldiers who just rescued a young Muslim boy’s life amid the rubble of the Turkish earthquake disaster!

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