The Capital Of Gambela Attacked By Oromo-Gambela Armed Forces

In a joint operation, the Oromo Liberation Army and the Gambela Liberation Front launch an attack on the regional capital of Gambela city. The fighting lasted for several hours before security forces were able to recapture the city from the rebels, with heavy casualties reported on both sides.

The Gambela Region, officially the Gambela Peoples’ Region, is a regional state in western Ethiopia, bordering South Sudan. The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) of Gambela is primarily armed members of the pre-peace deal OLF who chose to continue armed opposition to the government. The Gambela People’s Liberation Front is a rebel group in the Gambela Region in Ethiopia. Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and Gambela People’s Liberation Front attacked regional capital of Gambela city on 14th June, Tuesday. Their fight lasted for several hours. Then the security forces arrived in the city and they were able to recapture the city from the rebels. Security forces stabilized the capital city after hours long fight against joint Oromo-Gambela armed groups.

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