Terrible Heat Wave Affecting Europe

A record high temperature of 40.3 °C (104.5 °F) is reported at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, and a record overnight minimum temperature of 25.9 °C (78.6 °F) is reported at Emley Moor transmitting station in West Yorkshire. Scotland reports a record temperature of 34.8 °C (94.6 °F) at RAF Charterhall. The death toll from the wildfires and heat wave in Spain and Portugal increases to more than 1,700 people, with more than 1,063 deaths in Portugal.

In June and July 2022, parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa were affected by wildfires resulting from heat waves. The bulk of the fires affected Mediterranean Countries, with the main areas affected being France, Greece, Portugal and Spain.
The ongoing heat wave could last a total of several weeks and has been accompanied by wildfires in France, Spain and Portugal, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. Wildfires are happening earlier in the season, ending later and becoming more frequent because of climate change, the European Union said in a report. According to provisional Met Office figures, Coningsby in Lincolnshire hit 40.3C on Tuesday – as of 16:00 BST the highest UK temperature ever recorded. The heat has caused fires, travel disruption and power cuts. Most of Scotland saw high temperatures on Monday, with Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire passing the 30C mark.

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