Welcome Dan Gordon

Welcome to the Shadow Seekers

(working title)

It is intended to create a TV series based on a common theme of archived events, which enhances its sense of realism. In addition to a specific story plot that becomes revealed as the series progresses, individual episodes will allow for controversial subjects to be embraced, to optimize interactivity with its target audience.

Shadow Seekers offers a unique new series that meets the needs of prevailing audience demands. In vogue are supernatural subjects with a touch of horror, biblical or historical theme, superheroes with human frailty, an American focus, and subtle humor.    

A biblical prophet, while on the trail of a demon planning to enslave the world, suffers amnesia, and becomes stranded in modern day America. The only flimsy hope for mankind’s future lies with a dysfunctional movie student and his reluctant team. That’s if they can first avoid a powerful satanic force, foreign intelligence agencies, as well as their own differences.                


The following ‘rudimentary’ links provides potential ideas for an initial project overview. Note: These links are closed to search engines, and not accessed from the Jewish TV Channel website. Accordingly, at the bottom of each page, these links can be found to allow for navigation between them and this page.  

The Project Home Page is the first link you received and opened with ‘Welcome to the Shadow Seekers’

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The Story Overview provides ideas for a potential series treatment. Aside from outlining a possible ‘series’ outline (as opposed to individual episodes) it gives an insight into the back story of the main cast. 

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The Sample Episode takes just one possible story outline that could be weaved into the overall Story Overview. 

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Presumed Missing gives an indication of how many possible story lines, based on historic facts, can be researched for individual episodes. 

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Special Remarks provides additional information associated with this project.

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