Secret International Deals Popped up!

Over 124,000 confidential documents are leaked from Uber, showing efforts by Uber to lobby governments for preferential treatment. Leaked documents reveal that French President Emmanuel Macron went to “extraordinary lengths” to help Uber disrupt the French taxi industry, telling Uber’s executives that he had brokered a deal with his socialist opponents in his cabinet.

Emmanuel Macron went to extraordinary lengths to support Uber’s lobbying campaign to help it disrupt France’s closed-shop taxi industry, even telling the tech company he had brokered a secret “deal” with its opponents in the French cabinet. Leaked files including text message exchanges between Uber executives and Macron reveal how the cab-hailing business identified him as a key ally when he was economy minister and turned to him to help it behind the scenes. The files show Emmanuel Macron was on first name terms with Uber’s founder while ex-EU commissioner Neelie Kroes secretly lobbied for the firm.

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