Russian Airstrikes Hits City Infrastructure

Odessa Attacked

Russian Airstrikes Hits City Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the Western Ukrainian city of Odessa is hit by airstrikes.

After relative calm, a renewed Russian attack has struck against much of the infrastructure of the port city of Odessa.The first Russian airstrikes against Odessa occurred on the first day of the invasion, early on 24 February, targeting warehouses in the city as well as radar and air defense systems in Lipetks. The attacks left at least 22 killed and 6 wounded among servicemen and soldiers. Russian saboteurs had begun operating in Odessa by 27 February, as Ukrainian authorities detained them and confiscated their equipment. Evacuation trains began taking civilians out of the city towards Chernivtsi and Uzhhorod on 2 March, with further evacuation trains operating on 8 March.

This latest round of attacks comes amid refresh attempts by the Russian armed forces to regain the earlier initiative that ground to a halt before they suffered a reversal of fortune in the conflict.

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