Two Kuwaiti oil well control specialists (left) direct a fire control rig over a raging oil fire in order to complete the water blasting method used to extinguish an oil well fire at the Ar Rumalia Oil Field, Al Basrah Province, Iraq (IRQ), during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Norway On Emergency Alert

Possibilities arise of Russian attempts to undermine regional oil and gas supplies. This comes at a time while Biden struggles to keep American energy prices from rebounding to record levels, close to mid-term elections.

The outcome of lowered energy supplies could trigger a threshold effect in the already battered US economy.

There were confirmed sightings of unidentified drones above North Sea gas and oil facilities operated by Norway. This prompted the Norwegian government to be prepared for an undefined emergency. However, Norway’s energy minister, Terje Aasland, has coordinated security arrangements between its armed forces and police in direct response to raising its levels of threat readiness.

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