Mystery- Argentina Seized Iranian Boeing-747

Authorities in Argentina seize an Iranian Boeing 747 which was transferred to Venezuela a year ago. It is still unclear if the impound is related to sanctions on both countries.

Boeing 747, owned by Iran’s Mahan Air, was seized by Argentinian civil authorities at the Ezeiza International Airport.

Iran PressIran News: Mahan Air Public Relations said in a statement on Sunday: The ownership of this airliner has been transferred to a Venezuelan company for a year and is not leased to the airline. The seizure of this plane, in the name of Mahan Air, has political purposes, it added.

“The flight is operated by Venezuelan Airlines and has nothing to do with Mahan Air,” the statement said.

Top oil and petrochemicals producers Iran and Venezuela sign a 20-year economic cooperation agreement. As Iran and Venezuela already signed this economic cooperation agreement of oil and petrochemicals producers for 20 years, why is Argentina interfering at this particular time – Is there any other international business connection?

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