Max Otte Expelled From The CDU

The former chairman of the Union of Values and federal presidential candidate for the AfD, Max Otte, has been legally expelled from the CDU.

Max Otte is an economist, publicist and political activist who holds German and U.S. citizenship. Otte, who has held professorships in Worms, Graz and Erfurt, is currently a fund manager.

In February, Max Otte ran for the office of Federal President on the AfD proposal. A party court is now throwing the former head of the “Union of Values” out of the CDU. The politician had not resisted the exclusion. The former chairman of the controversial “Union of Values”, Max Otte, has been expelled from the CDU . The CDU district party court in Cologne followed the request of the CDU federal executive board “because of party-damaging behavior”, the CDU Cologne announced on Wednesday in Düsseldorf. Since Otte had not raised an objection by the end of the period on August 1, he was “now legally no longer a member of the CDU”. The exclusion procedure was initiated after the 57-year-old economics professor ran for the office of Federal President in mid-February at the suggestion of the AfD. Otte caused a stir during the election because he was the only one of the candidates who was absent from the presentation at the beginning of the Federal Assembly . Before the election, it had already become known that Otte had donated 20,000 euros to the AfD district association in Görlitz, Saxony, at the beginning of last year . AfD boss Tino Chrupalla is a member of the Görlitz district association, from February 2017 to October 2021 he was its chairman.

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