Israel Launched Air Raids

Israel launches more than a dozen missiles against two Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, following a number of rockets fired overnight from Gaza into Israel, causing severe damage. No casualties were reported and no civilian structures were targeted or hit.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s most enduring conflicts, beginning in the mid-20th century. Various attempts have been made to resolve the conflict as part of the Israeli–Palestinian peace process, alongside other efforts to resolve the broader Arab–Israeli conflict. The Gaza–Israel conflict is a part of the localized Israeli–Palestinian conflict, but is also a scene of power struggle between regional powers including Egypt, Iran and Turkey together with Qatar, supporting different sides of the conflict in light of the regional standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia on one hand and between Qatar and Saudi Arabia on the other, as well as crisis in Egyptian-Turkish relations.

Sirens warned residents in southern Israel of an incoming rocket attack from Gaza early Saturday. Israel said four rockets were launched toward Israel. One was intercepted, while the other three fell to open space, according to the military. The attack comes just hours after U.S. President Joe Biden left Israel, a stop on his current Mideast tour with a goal of deepening Israel’s integration into the region. Israel has struck Gaza with multiple missiles after rockets were launched from the territory of Gaza. An Israeli missile hit a site in Gaza City on Saturday morning. Israel launched air raids on Gaza Strip, no casualties reported.

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