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Iranian President Calls To Eliminate The Jewish State

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Ebrahim Raisi called for Israel to be replaced by a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.”


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called on Saturday for the creation of a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea,” a genocidal rallying cry necessitating the destruction of Israel.

The Jewish state is bordered by the Jordan River to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

Raisi issued the threat in Saudi Arabia at a joint meeting of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss Israel’s war with the Hamas terror group.

“The only solution for this conflict is the resistance continuing against the Israeli oppression until the establishment of the Palestinian state from the river to the sea,” said the Iranian leader.

Raisi also called for the West to sanction and boycott the Jewish state, for charges to be leveled against Israel and the United States at the International Criminal Court and for inspections of the Jewish state’s nuclear facilities.

Raisi then met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who said his kingdom “holds the occupation [Israeli] authorities responsible for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

“We are certain that the only way to guarantee security, peace and stability in the region is to end the occupation, siege and the settlements,” added Prince Mohammed.

سمو #ولي_العهد يلتقي رئيس الجمهورية الإسلامية الإيرانية وذلك على هامش انعقاد #القمة_العربية_الإسلامية_المشتركة غير العادية.#قمة_عربية_إسلامية_بالسعودية | #واس pic.twitter.com/IFzEHvxXKn

— واس الأخبار الملكية (@spagov) November 11, 2023

On Sunday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei confirmed recently meeting with Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh in Tehran.

Haniyeh updated Khamenei on “the latest developments in the Gaza Strip and the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, as well as the developments in the West Bank,” Khamenei said on X (formerly Twitter).

According to Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency, “Ayatollah Khamenei praised the steadfastness and resilience of the people of Gaza and expressed strong regret over the crimes of the Zionist regime, supported directly by Washington and some Western countries.”

The Iranian supreme leader also “emphasized Tehran’s consistent policy of supporting the Palestinian resistance forces against the Zionist occupiers,” Tasnim reported.

Israel has underscored Iranian support for Hamas since the terrorist group conducted its Oct. 7 cross-border invasion of the northwestern Negev, resulting in the deaths of some 1,200 people, with thousands wounded and hundreds still recovering in hospitals.

Late last month, Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said that Iran assisted Hamas in the invasion by supplying it with funding, intelligence, weapons and technological knowledge.

As many as 500 terrorists affiliated with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad trained in the Islamic Republic leading up to Oct. 7, The Wall Street Journal reported. Iranian-sponsored exercises took place in September, at which time terrorists received specialized combat training.

Image: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Photo by Mohammad Hossein Taaghi via Wikimedia Commons.

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