Ecuador Is In State Of Emergency, Puyo Is Under Attack

Ecuadorian indigenous groups attack a police station in Puyo, Pastaza, amid ongoing protests in the country. One protestor is shot dead by police. Eighteen police officers are missing, while another six are injured.

Puyo is the capital of Pastaza, a province in Ecuador. Indigenous peoples in Ecuador or Native Ecuadorians, are the groups of people who were present in what became Ecuador before the Spanish colonization of the Americas. The term also includes their descendants from the time of the Spanish conquest to the present. 25 percent of Ecuador’s population is of indigenous heritage, while another 55-65 percent are Mestizos of mixed indigenous and European heritage.

Puyo was attacked by Indigenous protesters on a police station in the eastern Amazon region. Two people died in the 10-day protest in which the government has declared an emergency in six of Ecuador’s 24 departments following violent clashes between protesters and security forces. 18 police officers were missing, 90 civilians and 100 members of the security forces have been injured in clashes, another six officers were badly injured and three more were detained by the protesters, one protestor also died in this attack. Ecuador refused to end the state of emergency.

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