Attack On Civilians, Oromo Conflict Got Bigger

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed says that “citizens in the Oromia region’s Qellen Wellega area have come under a massacre” by the Oromo Liberation Army. Lobbyists say that 150–160 Amhara civilians have been killed.

The Oromo conflict is a protracted conflict between the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Ethiopian government. The Oromo Liberation Front formed to fight the Ethiopian Empire to liberate the Oromo people and establish an independent state of Oromia. Qellen Wollega is one of the zones of the Oromia Region in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s leader reported a massacre on 4th July, Monday allegedly by rebels in a restive region where a rebel group opposed to his government is accused of targeting civilians amid fighting with government troops. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office didn’t provide fatality figures, but the Amhara Association of America told The Associated Press that it believes between 150 to 160 people might have been killed in the attacks.

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