Arabs Cry Well Done For Killing 2 Year Old Girl

David Lev

A young mother was on a journey to hospital to treat her 2 year old daughter. On a section of Route 60 that runs from Jerusalem north, the mother passed an Arab driving in the opposite direction. The road was empty of traffic at that time. Suddenly, the Arab switched lanes and headed towards the mother and child. He locked eyes with the mother before deliberately ramming their car.

The mother with her seriously injured child found themselves surrounded by a gathering of hostile Arabs. Some shouted in Hebrew ‘well done’ in the direction of the Arab driver’s vehicle. Fearing a lynching, the mother looked in vein for help. An Israeli ambulance happened to be close behind and tended to both the injured mother and her daughter.

Sadly the two year old child passed away from her mortal injuries.

While not condoning the lawless actions of young Jewish settlers who take the law into their own hands through revenge attacks, it is nonetheless understandable how feelings can become so highly inflamed in light of the callous reactions of Arabs close to the scene of the accident. It has become customary for Arab communities to celebrate murderous attacks on Jews through setting off fireworks, handing out sweets and other means. Such was the case in Hawera just weeks ago when two Jewish brothers were shot at close range in front of a jubilant mob, which provoked a violent reaction from local Jews who regularly pass that town.

It is pertinent to point out that on many occasions Jewish settlers have worked closely with local Arabs to help rescue motorists trapped in car accidents. However, an often unbalanced reporting of facts on the ground by the international media serves to exasperate and inflame the local situation, for purely political gain. It is well past the time to gain a balanced overview of what is happening to real people, instead of mindlessly demonizing them. Can any civilized person look at the picture of this innocent girl and see the face of a demon? Simply repeating the mantra of it effects both sides, or it’s fair due to abuse of Palestinians only adds fuel to the flames. Nothing justifies acts of terrorism, and that is precisely what young Hadar died from.

She was buried today in Shiloh, which was the ancient capital for Jews who lived there over three thousand years ago.

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