Americans Reintroduce Nazi Mobile Death Vans

As a Jew about to face God on the holiest day of our year, the Fast of Yom Kippur, I would be failing in my duty not to comment on the horrifying spectacle about to be cast upon the American people. I am not weighing in on the thorny issue of pro and anti-life politics, although I truly hope this article will wake up a few undecided parties. I refer to the mobile abortion clinics being set up across America.

Not so long ago our people were innocently herded onto trucks that gassed the unwitting occupants. They died a brutal death through suffocation of the worst kind. The thought of this scientific methodology being reintroduced in other form is something unbelievable. How do they intend advertising their services? Americans reintroducing Nazi mobile death units is just too radical a concept to contemplate.

Bring your unborn babies to our mobile death units where we can dispose of their innocent bodies and give your own body the full independent power it deserves. Don’t worry about the details, they won’t feel a thing, after all they are devoid of any feelings; just a sub-species we need to eliminate. 

I detest this horrific campaign designed by someone from a super species that is devoid of any real humanity. To the rest of you, I wish you a wonderful New Year and God Bless!

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