Victims of Terror

An unlikely champion of terror victims exists in the form of an Israeli non-profit called Almagor. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are an association of actual terror victims themselves, seeking to overcome their obvious grief through taking meaningful action.

Almagor has been instrumental in cutting down the amount of terrorists being released under peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, usually brokered through the US government.

meir indor

Meir Indor, Almagor Terror Victims Assn.

Lt.-Col. (ret.) Meir Indor is the CEO of the Almagor Terror Victims Association. He has founded or participated in founding Sar El:Volunteers for Israel, the Libi Fund, Avoda La’oleh, and other social organizations in Israel. Meir strongly recommends getting involved through active participation, or through much needed donations, which can help them better achieve their goals against terrorism.

They are currently undertaking a mission to the UK and the States to help grow awareness of their activities, and gain well needed support.

Would you like more info about Almagor or to bring David Lev to your community early June,  to speak about them? Please fill in the contact form and indicate how they can help you.

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